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      WUSHU (martial arts) is one of the Chinese cultural heritages. It is almost impossible to investigate when it was originated. However, according to fragmentary historical records, it could be traced back to about 3000BC. Chinese Kung Fu, which contains mysteriously powerful force, can be seen as a combination of the efforts and wisdom of thousands of martial masters. Therefore, Chinese Kung Fu is greatly appreciated and admired by many Westerners.

       Although Chinese Kung Fu has attracted worldwide attention, I am worried about the future development of Chinese Kung Fu. Many speculators and mammonists may take this opportunity to cater to the martial arts enthusiasts by heresy tricks. This runs in opposite directions from the philosophy of Chinese Kung Fu, and might causes obstacles and even crises in the development of Chinese Kung Fu.

       Therefore, I would appeal to the martial arts enthusiasts that it is essential to have a certain understanding of martial arts at the beginning. Do not easily believe that martial arts can be learned very quickly or just from a few books. It takes time and countless practice to master Kung Fu. Moreover, it is necessary to practice in two or more people. Why? Because “KUNG”(功) in Chinese is composed by work(工) and strength(力), which means that it takes time and physical efforts. And “FU”(夫) is composed by two(二) and people(人), which indicates that there will only be strength developed without actual combat capability if one person practice martial arts on his/her own.

       SHI-HE-QUAN Kung Fu (Feeding Crane) is an extraordinary martial art. It will be introduced in detail at this website to give martial arts enthusiasts a further understanding and right concept about SHI-HE-QUAN Kung Fu.